Icarus Originals: Our Story

Established in 2017 by a Royal Air Force engineer and a Retired Royal Navy engineer, Icarus Originals celebrates the iconic craft that have defined transportation in the last 100 years, by blending the very latest technical innovations with the highest quality British craftsmanship in order to create a superb selection of unique, bespoke, premium products.

We are passionate about giving back to those who are directly associated with the designs that we are celebrating through our products. That's why for every product we sell, we pass a proportion of the profit to the military and preservation charities, in an effort to thank them for the tremendous work they do to support the people and machines that we seek to commemorate through our products.

Every product we produce has been painstakingly researched, designed, manufactured and hand finished within the UK. All of our products are designed in close consultation with the manufacturers to ensure that every single detail is captured and framed using the latest technology that makes each one a masterpiece; centred around inherently unique designs.

Our mission is to make the world that little bit more special by making these unique and perfect pieces of design, available to the people who deserve them the most.

So, if you've ever crewed in, crewed out, supported or even just waited around in a wet Welsh valley hoping to hear the noise of a jet, our products have been made with our immense gratitude and with you in mind.

Icarus Originals
Designed with heroes to be worn by legends.

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