The Production Process


Tornado GR4 029
3D Scanning Project

The Model

To begin the scanning process we placed the model on a rotary table and carried out a 10 position rotary sequence:

The rotary sequence has finished and now we have moved on to doing single shots, shot 12 is showing new data in green on the tail section:

Now onto the starboard side, showing scan 15 adding new data onto the nosecone and canopy:

Shot 17 has now added more detail onto the tail section, you can now see the 3d point cloud starting to build up with a good level of data:

Now moving onto the underside of the model and continuing with single shots:

The scanning is now complete, the small dark areas are missing patches of data, due to non cooperative surface finishes on the model. Owing to the nature of this project we can hole fill all of these areas in post processing without any loss of detail:

Close up view of the wing, showing the level of detail the scanning has captured:

This image is showing the start of the processing of the raw data, its still in a point cloud format, the colour map is showing how well each shot has matched into the next. The colour map is shown in microns so green is showing a matching value of around 25 microns:

Underside detail with the colour map:

The small patches of red are not a concern as they are small patches of noise, so will be processed out.

Here we can now see the raw data processed into a triangle mesh, or .stl file.
The hole filling of the small areas of missing data has been started, with just the canopy to finish off:

Underside view of the processed data:

Post Processing

The data was then imported to Zbrush for hole-filling and remodeling:

Segments of the mesh were separated out to enable easier working on the individual parts:

The main body was then smoothed out.
Small features will be remodelled and added in if required:

Original Scan vs Touched up data :

Fuel tanks were completely remodelled:
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