Top 3 Plane Cufflinks Trends of 2020

Cufflinks: What's on Trend?

Since their first introduction in the 1600s, Cufflinks have always had a place in fashion throughout history. These stylish accessories can be carefully created in a huge array of styles for a cutting edge finish on any outfit you wear - an element that the fashion world admires greatly. Their versatility and sentiment to correlate with any outfit, mood or event is presumably one of their greatest appeals; whether you choose a cotton cufflinks for casual events or personalised cufflinks for your birthday - the options are limitless.

Once an accessory utilised by the aristocracy made from gold and adorned by gemstones, Cufflinks are now readily accessible to the masses, trending in modern fashion, with their popularity resurfacing in 2012 and steadily growing up to the present day. Cufflinks are now produced from an expansive selection of materials to suit your outfit and every needs. Of course, as with everything in fashion, people have their favourites. So to help you out, here is a list of the 3 most popular cufflink trends in the fashion industry right now!

1) Plain Gold/Silver Plane Cufflinks

For a timeless, modest and sophisticated appeal, plain gold or silver cufflinks are a popular choice. Gold and silver continue to be one of the most famous precious metals and continues to maintain an attractive charm to many consumers - regardless of how long they have been on the fashion market (a sure sign that they have the fashion world’s approval). The sheer versatility and recognisable profile of these materials is another key selling point, worn for day to day activities or equally on special occasions. Incorporating silver cufflinks for your work attire is acceptable, but as is it for a wedding or christening. Unlike some cufflinks with quirky, colourful designs which tend to be slightly restrictive, Silver and Gold cufflinks are not tying and can thus be worn with a large range of outfit choices, making them a cost-effective investment. The most common shapes are round or square, which retain simplicity whilst remaining pretty stylish. Although, rectangular is gaining popularity as are some quaint designs that have a bespoke effect.

2) Bespoke Plane Cufflinks

These cufflinks are generally made for someone or something special - tailoring to the individuals required specifications as opposed to a ‘made-to-measure’ product produced by fast fashion clothing vendors. Indeed, crafting a unique product for each customer has been on the horizon and is slowly picking pace.

Mass commercialisation within the fashion industry has made it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd - with fast-fashion continuously producing the same, slightly mundane clothing products. Consequently, people are seeking uniqueness and bold designs to add to their wardrobe. Take our limited edition F4 Phantom Cufflinks for example, made from the genuine and certified aircraft aluminium of Phantom XT907. The unique pair commemorate the Iconic F4’s pivotal role with many of the world's air forces, beautifully hand-crafted using hi-tech design methods to cast detailed cufflinks. This captures the essence of a classic combat aircraft for your own piece of aviation history.

3)Personalised Plane Cufflinks

Personalised cufflinks - a timeless accessory for the modern man.

The most common kind of personalised cufflinks is the classic toggle fastening - popularised due to its simplicity and ease of use. The traditional toggle features a small bar which pivots around the centre of the length and can be easily pushed through a shirt cuff for a seamless finish, as seen on our Tornado GR4 classic cufflinks. Alternatively, stalk cufflinks or stem cufflinks are another highly sought after personalised piece of jewellery - characterised by a rigid piece of metal or silver which connects a larger outer face of the engraved cufflinks. The stalks can be pushed through the shift cuff to fasten the cufflink in.

Cufflinks have the desirable ability of being able to build a jewellery collection that are special to you. Whether you decide to purchase a bespoke product of sentimental value, a timeless silver plated classic cufflink for opulent occasions or a personalised piece that is specific to you - each design can be carefully stored away, each with its own value and purpose. Although cufflinks are often seen as an accessory for formal occasions, there are many that go perfectly with an every day shirt and really add that elegant look to a simple outfit. As far what type you choose, that’s completely up to you.

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